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I'm Joshua Henderson, a video game artist from Glasgow, Scotland.


Primarily a 3D character artist, I love making art for all aspects of video game production. I also enjoy coding my own games from scratch in Unity.

If you're looking for an artist for your project, please get in touch via any of the channels listed.

For updates on my projects, or just to reach out and talk indie game development, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

As Run, Grizzly! - I currently have two games in an advanced stage of prototyping. I am the sole developer on each of these projects, contributing all art, design, and programming using the Unity engine.


First Year

You are one of a new intake of first years at a famous school for witches and wizards. On arrival however, you find it overthrown by an evil witch. Learn as you go, utilising a bewildering array of new spells and abilities, and help save the school from the evil witch Krall.


Skullduggery is puzzle-looter hybrid.  You play as a drifter, trawling graveyards for valuables. Armed only with your shovel, and the obituary section of the local newspaper, can you figure out which of the recently deceased has the best loot?