A Grave-Digging


Play through a procedurally generated graveyard chock full of the most unique and characterful of the recently deceased. Will you part the local pirate with his stash of gold? Or grab some new kicks from a sports fan? Every entry into the necropolis has different possibilities depending on who they were, and how they died.

nothing is as it seems. The Necropolis is most alive at night, when the ghosts and ghouls come out to play. Will they take kindly to strangers, here to besmirch their final resting place?

collect, equip, use and sell a wide array of items. boost your damage with new weapons, heal up with food and medicine, or just bling out with new clothes and trinkets.

Study the obituaries and make your mark. the newspaper is updated daily with new  potential loot spots. the type of loot you encounter depends on the person  with whom it is buried!

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